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Romanian-born, self-taught, mixed media artist, based in Washington D.C.

Romanian-born, self-taught, mixed media artist, based in Washington D.C.
I have found the visual act of creation while having a career in international finance
and having surpassed an extensive series of traumatic experiences. My
work, born in the midst of the pandemic, represents a cathartic expression of the
highs and lows of my innermost self.

I see my newfound artistic talent as a portal through which I can share my soul
distillations—therapeutic messages from my own journey I would like shared
with the world. I enjoy experimenting with new processes, new media, and my
choice of media is intricately linked to my vision and message.


My work explores the contrast of emotions of strength, resilience, indomitability,
fragility, destruction, and nakedness. My art draws from my humble rural Romanian
upbringing, challenging life experiences and global travels.

Through my experiences, I see existence as a series of transformations, where
our soul is “distilled” through the ecstasy and agony of life itself. My art stands
as a visual philosophic statement that is meant to incite emotions, connect
with a viewer on a deep emotional level and stand as a symbol of transformation
and catharsis.

I use mixed media—broken glass, bullet casings, metal shavings, and cicada
wings mixed with more traditional paints and processes—to translate feelings
of turmoil into physical expressions of emotion.

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